Hi, this is my new lj... this is my first time in lj.
My name is ika from indonesia. I'm 20. Sorry for bad english.
i love japan so much, because the country is cool.
i am an arashi fan, just for 3 months since my friend give me an episode of arashi ni shiyagare. my ichiban is oh-chan. my favourite song of arashi is BITTERSWEET. My first song from arashi was Troublemaker. I love jun at first, but when i follow their story.. i move to ohno's heart... (*:*), but when i watch Ouroboros, i like ikuta toma too. So, i confused who is my ichiban -__-, but i think my heart still in Arashi...

Music day

Oh my god.... love their performance in music day especially the song " power of the paradise"
I love aiba's hair <3<3<3

Nino' s happy day

Yeeyy, yeeey [happy][happy]
Congratulation for nino-san as best actor in 39th japan awards...
I proud of you as fans. Your acting skill is always awesome...

Always do your best, nino... <3

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Arashi new album "Fukkatsu Love" review

I love all song in this album, especially fukkatsu love.
1. Fukkatsu love
aaa... i love it when i listen to it first, i love the "maimodotta angel" part. i love the PV because there is Ikuta Toma too <3, love it. i love the dance, but when i see their performance in Music Station, i am a bit dissapointed, because i expected more than that.. i think the dance in PV and their live performance is different.. i like the PV dance more. Aiba-chan, okaeri <3 :).

2. Ai no Collection
The song is AMAZING <3, i love the "AMAZING" part. i hope i can see this song in live performance with their cool dance.. yuhuuuu...

That is my favourite song in this album, but i love others too.
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